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Winter is coming

Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon



A chill is going thru my heart
Memories and affections blown away
Why is it so that when love dies at last
It fades away like a summer rain

What were the things that made you so dear
Where are the things that used to be so right
How could it be we had to keep the fight
until all was left was just a pool of fear

I keep walking up to that old place
where they sell ice cream and bake hot cakes
the man behind the bar smiles and greets you loud
and you always find a place to sit around

I remember when we went there to eat
laughter and smiles ringing in the air
How could we turn something oh so sweet
into this icy cage of despair

And when we raised our voice, that one last time
And we said these things and we threw our slime
I wish it had not to come down to this
Nothing to feel nothing left to miss

I could not live in a world where love
is not a feeling but it's just a word
Then there was nothing left for us to say
We washed our hands and we parted ways

Now the place is empty and all what's left out there
is some old newspaper and the cold thin air
winter is coming and we opened the door
the ghost of a feeling is left out in the cold


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