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Come Tonight

Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon



The night is black and hard and yellow lights are cold
You stop looking around and feel you're getting old
You park out in the corner and take out all the gear
The music's flying louder and takes away you fear

The neon light is red and flashing in the night
The turning door comes open and everything turns bright
You close your eyes, plug in and get lost in the flow
The perfume of her skin is coming very close

Come tonight, and we will be alright
I don't know if I can make it any better
Come tonight, we will be just fine
It’s something we must do just you and I

Her eyes are halfway closed, her hair is bright as gold
She looks around with care and stares into your soul
It feels a million years but it's just some months ago
'cause everyone's a stranger until they ain't no more

Come tonight, we'll sing away your cry
I think we can get something going on
Come tonight, we will be just fine
There's something we must do, just you and I


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